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Available in Hampton Roads and the Outer Banks, Michael Supples is a highly skilled, competitive piper who will bring the touch of class and culture to your event that is only possible with the Great Highland Bagpipe. Whether a wedding, funeral, formal dinner, party, church function, or other event, Michael would be honored to play for your event or find another qualified piper if he is unavailable. Read more here...






Featured Tune Jigs on A Smallpipes

The Scottish Smallpipes offer a unique sound that contrasts well to the highland pipes. Quieter and more mellow, smallpipes are perfect for playing indoors where the highland pipes might be too loud. Go on to read more about how the smallpipes might be perfect for your event.

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Elegance and Tradition

The warm tone of the drones envelopes the crowd, while the brightness of the melody rolling off the chanter cuts through the envelope to create the perfect harmony that wraps the guests in a blanket of music. Only a Great Highland Bagpipe can create such an experience.

What is it about the bagpipe?


Committed to Quality Music

Michael takes pride in his instrument and his performances. He has been a piper at hundreds of events; played with over half a dozen pipe bands, including a grade 1 band; been an instructor in the NC State University Pipe Band; actively competes in grade 2 solo competitions; and has performed on stage with the six time Grammy Award winning band, The Chieftains.

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